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Novo Vietnam is a Vietnamese brass Valve, insert factory of Japan in Vietnam, Novo combines state-of-the-art technology in Germany with impeccable customer service to provide a wide range of valves, hoses, Copper, zinc alloy, aluminum with the highest quality according to standards BS 5154: 1991 and BS EN 1228: 2014 in Europe.

Novo Vietnam provides its customers with superior competitive advantages thanks to the large capacity, low price, fast service and best satisfy all requirements of customers. We are committed to serving each customer in the most beneficial way for our customers.

We cooperate with Japan company

Novo Vietnam is dedicated to serving every customer in the best way possible, and we are committed to providing our customers with the perfect service that always knows what their customers need and meets the requirements of customers in the best way. We consider the work and mission of the customer itself.

We always care and share with our customers the values that we bring to the maximum benefit to our customers.


Nosaka Ryo



Become the top manufacturing company of valve, taps, accessories in Vietnam and local areas, to alternate importing products.


Provide to Vietnamese best quality product with international standard and affordable price.

Bring benefits and true value to this industry.


Manufacturing technology valve, tap fittings

The technology of producing Valves, Fittings, Copper Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Aluminum according to BS 5154: 1991 and BS EN 1228: 2014 is authentic to our customers, so we have moved to Novo Viet Nam all machines and equipment are completely manufactured in Germany.

German machinery and equipment belongs to the latest generation of technology, with full automation features by the world’s No. 1 manufacturer about machinery sector. Therefore always ensure the highest quality products, valves, fittings and fittings in the industry.

Our fomula to succeed


M1 - Mission

Our mission is bring to Vietnam the high quality products, familiar with environment, make a positive contribution to Vietnam’s growing.

M2 - Machine

All technique machinery is imported from Bulgaria in complete new condition. Be operated under the process and assurance by Europeans professionals.

M3 - Material

The materials are imported from South America under close monitoring of Japanese professionals.

M4 - Man power

With the direct monitoring of expert team in process of input, producing and check output products.

M5 - Money

Because factory live in Vietnam, the transport price is free. It make the product’s price is compete. So we have good price with Europeans quality.

S - Service

With the production capacity of machinery and fast transporting, long-term warranty.

We bring to customers the true lasting quality, be assurance by Europeans experts and Japanese experts , combine with perfect service. Make customers feel the European feeling with Vietnamese price.

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